We know that building an audience online can be a daunting task. You know first impressions count, and so much can go wrong. You know that no one cares quite as much as you do, but you need your vision in good hands.

That's why we're here.


If you are reading this, there are some things that are probably true about you:

  • You’re building something you believe will change your industry (or maybe- the world!)
  • You’re looking for ways to educate and inspire people to take action
  • You don’t want your online presence to make your life more complicated

Kristen here - When I began this digital agency (formerly named Bananerd) in 2011 I was struggling to find my own purpose. It had been a couple of years of stumbling around after a stint in Hollywood following film school. I quickly discovered the industry I spent the prior four years preparing for (and a mountain of student loans I'm still paying off) was not for me.

Thankfully, some music video directors I had previously done some graphics for asked me, "Can you build us a website?" to which I replied, "I'm sure I can figure it out!" That naivety flung me into web design, and I loved it so much I never looked back.

Today, after years of working alongside movers and shakers like you, I have discovered my purpose. My mission is to be your megaphone.

Moonwalker doesn’t just want to be another web team to you. We want to be your online allies. We want to help you connect to those who need your message most, and give you a brand and web presence as beautiful as your big dream.

Meet Our World-Class Team


Kristen Estes

CEO & Founder


Travis Estes



Chandra Spenst



Trace Taylor


We'd love to make your dream a reality