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Operations Director Description

Moonwalker Digital is a small-but-mighty web design firm that creates assets and websites for creators and small businesses. We also run a website platform, Weeknight Website. We are looking for support from an Operations Director to assist with project management, sales and team building as our client base is growing. Great communication skills, an obsession with getting things done, and the ability to anticipate details a must.

Responsibilities include:

  • Developing a clear mission & vision: Creating company policies, procedures, help the CEO create long-term goals, annual & quarterly goals.
  • Sales & Marketing: Quality assurance on deliverables (testing funnels, links, websites), create a repeatable marketing process, checklists, handles reports, numbers & data to assist CEO in making decisions, eliminate unnecessary complexity, and manage the people to get it done. Create proposals based on previous experiences, project timesheets and value, team bandwidth and revenue goals.
  • Team Management: Meeting rhythms & agendas, 90 day reviews, monthly check-ins, scorecard systems, communication methods & channels, training managers, team culture, personal development.
  • Project Management: Oversees projects, makes sure systems, deadlines, and communication procedures are being followed.
  • Customer Service: Helps create customer communication channels, tools & apps, develop FAQ’s, training employees on products & services, how to solve customer problems & be proactive, systems for collecting testimonials, and more.
  • Develop systems & processes: Hiring: Creating job profiles, setting clear expectations for the role, how the employee or contractor will be measured, interview processes, on-boarding processes, 90-day reviews, creating incentives & bonuses. Firing: Creating a 3-strike system & off-boarding process.

The ideal candidate fits the following qualifications:

    • Has a strong background in operations and sales
    • Has worked extensively in the marketing industry
    • Is thorough and pays strong attention to detail
    • Loves processes and systems
    • Is a rockstar at time management
    • Is an excellent and professional communicator
    • Goes the extra mile to solve problems and serve others
    • Has experience working for an online business or digital agency
    • Takes initiative and has an "I'll figure it out" mentality
    • Ability to self-manage time and adhere to deadlines
    • Has high standards for service and is kind

Location: Virtual (US Timezone Preferred)
Start Date: July 2022